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After pop-up success, B.A.D Wingz finds a permanent home in Northeast

Readers may remember City Pages gushing back in March about a chicken wing pop-up hosted by Soul Bowl’s dynamic duo, Gerard and Brittney Klass. For bird lovers, their B.A.D Wingz experiment had it all: the sort of variety, hospitality, and energy that wingnuts felt were sorely lacking in this village. 

The only drawback? That initial B.A.D Wingz series was gone before fans could get seconds. (Thanks, ‘Rona.)

But all that springtime effort – and crossed fingers from the faithful hoping to catch another round – is about to come to fruition on September 8, when B.A.D Wingz welcomes guests to their permanent home inside of Glam Doll Donuts’ northeast Minneapolis shop. 

According to the Klasses in a statement, their path from pop-up residency to brick-and-mortar shop (in partnership ...

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North Minneapolis families rally for peace in a violent year

Compare that to 48 homicides all of last year, or the 33 in 2018, 35 in 2017, and 37 in 2016.
Gun violence, along with substandard healthcare and layoffs under COVID-19, has hit the Black community particularly hard. On August 24, Patrick Henry high schooler Serenity Shief was killed with a gunshot to the head. Last week, Eddie Sole Jr., a homicide suspect sought by Minneapolis police, shot and killed himself in front of a crowd, leading to rioting and looting downtown. Four people were shot in north Minneapolis on Friday night.

MAD DADS president V.J. Smith, who’s been intervening in teenage drug use and violence for 21 years, says 2020 has been very painful.

“It seems like every time we try to build some back up, things get down again, and so we have to recharge, re-energize,” he said...

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Read a Duluth cop’s viral story about not shooting a Black man

The Lake Superior port city had a dangerous week, by its standards, with “five separate incidents where shots were fired,” according to Duluth Police Department Chief Mike Tusken. One such incident landed two people in the hospital with injuries, and one “resulted in the arrest of two suspects and the recovery of a stolen firearm.”

That description matches the story posted Thursday by Duluth Police Local 807, the department’s union, which shared one officer’s anonymously authored tale of a tough night on the job — though one he says “happens across this country day in and day out.” 

The post invites those seeing it to read the account as published, “not how the media spins it” — hey! that’s us! — “or some keyboard warrior tweets” — hey! that’s you! — “about a world they do not live in an...

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Arlen Specter stans are really gonna wanna check out this week’s 6 best new songs

Adia Victoria – “South Gotta Change”

The brilliant Nashville-based blueswoman stakes a claim to her region and demands, over a track produced to an eerie and defiant pitch by T Bone Burnett, an overdue transformation. If you haven’t checked out her great 2019 album Silences, which I’ve raved about here plenty, I’ll encourage you just one more time to do so.

Luna – “Marquee Moon”

There’s something quintessentially too-on-the-nose about the most romantic guitar sculptors of ’90s alt-rock covering the signature song of the ‘70s’ most elegant punks—it feels like I’ve been waiting my whole life for this to happen and also that it must have happened already...

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Fox 9 reporter’s n-word tweet resurfaces amid Twin Cities protests

Fox 9 dispatched reporter Hannah Flood to the street to cover the night’s events. Flood, native to this state and a graduate of the University of Minnesota, has been with the station for just over a year, and has dived into assignments complicated by race, especially recently.

This summer, she’s covered Juneteenth celebrations and plans for its greater future; she interviewed Leslie Redmond, president of the Minneapolis NAACP chapter; just a couple weeks ago, she interviewed the author and illustrator team behind a children’s book called Black Boy, Black Boy, which depicts Black children growing up to achieve a wide variety of success. Flood appears to have handled these stories capably, and with sensitivity. 

And yet, local Twitter has at least one reason to question if Flood’s the righ...

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R.I.P. tiny scoops: This weekend is the last for Izzy’s Ice Cream shop in Minneapolis

When the store closes, their trademarked Izzy’s Scoops – bonus opportunities to mix and match flavors, expand your palate, or force/prove there’s always room for ice cream– will become a thing of the past.

Back in April, the original Izzy’s Ice Cream parlor in St. Paul announced its twenty-year run had come to an end. Only a few weeks later, in late May, the Minneapolis location – which acts as both a local commercial kitchen and their last customer-facing shop – was put on the market for a cool $2.5M.

At the time, Izzy’s co-founder Jeff Sommers told the Star Tribune that the sale could be explained by the coronavirus’s impact on their business, which meant switching gears to focus more heavily on distribution. 

The flavors many folks turn to on hot days, shitty days, sad ...

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Ex-wife gets restraining order against MN GOP spokesperson Jack Tomczak

His name is Jack Tomczak. You may remember him from the annals of angry white guy radio, before he departed abruptly from KTLK’s “Up and at ‘Em” morning show in 2016. His cohost, Andrew Lee, apologized to their audience but remained mum about the reason. 

After that, Tomczak was a co-host on the Up and At ‘Em podcast, then spent a couple years as a field director with Americans for Prosperity, the Koch famliy-backed political advocacy outfit.

Tomczak also previously worked for current GOP U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer’s failed 2010 bid for governor, and for ex-GOP U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, whom he later criticized for being “erratic” and “irrational.”

Or maybe you saw Tomczak in his new role earlier this summer, when he got to explain to CNN why the Wabasha County Republicans Fac...

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Hennepin County weed bust brag gets laughed at online

Officers were handling the call until they “observe a large amount of suspected marijuana,” and they decided to get the sheriff’s office in on this. After the Southwest Hennepin Drug Task Force arrived, with a search warrant in hand, officers seized what turned out to be a trove.

There were 6,600 doses’ worth of edibles, nearly 4,000 grams of cannabis, over 500 THC vape cartridges, over 2,400 grams of THC wax concentrate, nearly 1,700 grams of liquid THC, and about $35,000 in cash. The estimated street value was nearly a quarter million dollars.

“Drug busts of this size are typically associated with large, sophisticated drug dealing operations, which are often linked to more violent crimes,” a Facebook post from the sheriff’s office describing the raid said...

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State Fair food fests, Nur-D, Independent Bookstore Day: Great stuff to do this weekend



Virtual stuff to do:

2020 MCAD Faculty Biennial

Online show featuring virtual presentations of the art and research undertaken by full and part-time faculty, with online viewing and participatory activities. More info at Aug. 28-Oct. 28; free.

Minnesota State Fair Virtual At-Home Edition

Featuring daily fun fair facts, memories, demonstrations and entertainment, history tidbits, creative contests, behind-the-scenes peeks, photos, videos, activities, and an online marketplace, all shared via the State Fair’s website and social media channels. More info at Aug. 27-Sept. 7; free.

Classic Alley Performers presents: Minnesota State of UnFair

Online sketch comedy show presented by Strike Theater. RSVP and more info at the Facebook event page. 7 p.m...

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Spyhouse Coffee workers are about to vote on forming a union

Pay and benefits were never ideal at the Twin Cities coffee chain’s six locations, they report, but then COVID-19 hit, revealing a level of disconnect with ownership many viewed as untenable. Community blowback sparked by a leaked, racially insensitive email from ownership further damaged morale.

“A lot of us got fed up and started talking to each other,” barista Maeve Collins says. “One thing led to another… and now we’re here.”

On Wednesday, around 34 Spyhouse workers informed owner Christian Johnson of their intent to form union.

“Spyhouse workers are ready to have a voice in their job; they have tried and tried to express concerns about their workplace, and nothing changes,” says Unite Here Local 17 organizer Sheigh Freeberg...

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