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The week in live and local music: Aug. 27-Sept. 2


DJ Hampster Dance
Free online dance parties every night of the week, with a featured artist mix every Thursday and themed dance parties on Friday and Saturday. 
When and where: 7-9 p.m. on Twitch.

Thursday 8.27

Lucinda Williams
A virtual live performances presented by the Star Tribune as part of its Stay-At-Home State Fair. Free.
When and where: Noon here.

Martin Devaney
Live outdoor performance from the singer-songwriter in the courtyard of the Loon Cafe.
When and where: 6 p.m. at the Loon Cafe.

The Relief Sessions: Root City Band with Alex Rossi
Drive-in style outdoor concert series, also featuring performances by Aretha – Soul of a Queen featuring Ginger Commodore and Debbie Duncan, Lisa Wenger and Her Mean Mean Men, and Tommy Bentz Band. $20. Free before 5 p.m.
When and where: Noon a...

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Judge sides with woman arrested by ‘build the wall’ Coon Rapids cop

Then she got rear-ended by a 24-year-old white woman. She couldn’t know it then, but in very short order, this fender bender would come to mess up Parada’s whole life.

Nobody got hurt. But when Parada said she didn’t have a driver’s license with her, the other driver called 911. Officer Nicholas Oman of the Coon Rapids Police Department responded, ran the other driver’s license, and let her go free.

Parada, however, had to stick around. The fact was, she didn’t have a driver’s license. Instead, she presented Oman with an alternate form of photo ID from the Mexican consulate in St. Paul, one that stated her name, address, and date of birth. She’d been living in the United States for years after having come to the country legally as an 11-year-old child, court documents say. 

Oman had ...

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Downtown Minneapolis suicide sparks night of confusion, clashes, looting

Dozens of bystanders were on the street at the time the shot was fired. Immediately, false rumors spread via word of mouth and social media that he had been shot by the police who’d just pulled up on the man, guns drawn.

Minneapolis Police quickly disseminated video footage showing the man’s death was a suicide, sharing it with news reporters covering the scene and activists, including Nekima Levy Armstrong, who also said she’d spoken with Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo and urged people to inform themselves and contain the spread of misinformation.

The police and the city also tweeted surveillance footage of the man’s suicide outside US Bancorp Center.

Still, the crowd and cops soon clashed, with police often using mace.

Looters hit various downtown shops and restaurants along...

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Minneapolis’s Los Ocampo rebuilds, reopens at Chicago and Lake

In August of 2018, the authentic and always bustling restaurant stationed at the corner of East Lake Street and Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis abruptly closed (albeit promising the move would be temporary) to make way for a five-story apartment building in its place. At that time, owner Julian Ocampo promised the community his family’s restaurant would return as the gleaming tower’s anchor business.

*Ponder, for a moment, how much has changed since the summer of 2018.*

Devotees of the joint waited with bated breath and growling stomachs as renovations and updates on the ground floor of Chicago and Lake crawled along. Options for solid tacos at midnight on a Thursday remained meager.

Then COVID-19 descended upon the land...

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Ellie Hino is getting fully dressed tonight for Comedy Bits at Brit’s

Taking place on the outside veranda, Hino will be joined by fellow comedians Shelly Paul and host Trish Cook as she tries to remember exactly how standup comedy works.

“I was texting Shelly Paul and asking, ‘So are you nervous? Do you remember how to do this?’ Because this is her first show back, too,” Hino says.

Prior to COVID, Hino was having a killer 2020, performing regularly at Sisyphus, Comedy Corner Underground, and House of Comedy. She was also getting ready to head back to the Limestone Comedy Festival in Indiana for the second year in a row, and, most importantly, was getting herself dressed on a full-time basis. 

Once coronavirus hit, however, both her comedy career and wardrobe were forced to take a break.

“In May I told my husband, ‘You know what I really want is a n...

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Pandemic academic: Dr. Ron Barrett’s course on infectious disease couldn’t be timelier

According to Dr. Ron Barrett—a medical and cultural anthropologist whose specialty is the social aspects of infectious diseases, healing, and how humans come to terms with our mortality—pretty much the same as always.

“I’ve been teaching the course for about 17 years now,” says Barrett, who taught at Emory and Stanford before joining Macalester College as an associate professor. (He spoke to City Pages in a personal capacity.)

Back in 1998, Barrett co-authored a paper on epidemiological transitions and emerging infectious diseases with then-colleague George Armelagos. That paper formed the foundation for Pandemic Infections: The Class.

“I taught the course as a first-year course seven or eight years ago, and what I found from that is students come in with a lot of interest and ...

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Can anyone out there fulfill my extremely specific fetish?

A little background: except for a couple dates and make-out sessions with other men, my sex life has always been exclusively with women. I’ve had male crushes and often thought I might be bi or pan, despite never masturbating to thoughts of men or gay porn. (Don’t worry, Dan: I’m not going to ask if I’m gay. I promise.) In general, I’ve led a privileged sex life. I’ve never been broken up with and it’s rare for me to experience any form of rejection. But in early 2020, my libido vanished. I stopped masturbating and only orgasmed once or twice a month when my now ex-girlfriend would insist that we have sex.

But then a couple of weeks ago I began imagining being one half of a loving gay couple that replaced all MM penetrative sex with MMF sex...

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Does anyone remember this ’70s soft-rock hit that MyPillow huckster Mike Lindell mentioned at the RNC?

Since the RNC is theoretically “news,” though, we did poke through some clips of the GOP’s Nuremberg infomercial in search of any relevant Minnesota mentions to pass on. And let me tell you, unless somehow before the November election you require more information about a guy who’s been a certified jizzrag for the four decades he’s spent in the public eye—or are just a connoisseur of fascist spectacle, I guess—you were wise to explore whatever other viewing options available to you.

The most notable thing about the RNC, in fact, is that the whole affair is almost certainly in flagrant violation of federal law, which you’d think would be a bigger story than “President’s wife manages to say sort of nice things about him.”

Anyway, while scanning the vids, we ran across ...

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For one day only, find the State Fair’s perfect Corn Roast in a suburban parking lot

As so many folks have worked tirelessly to get fair food lovers their fix this year (in absence of the Great Minnesota Get-Together itself), very few of us held out hopes that one of the fairgrounds’ simplest but most perennially poppin’ stands would persevere in the year of our pandemic.

And yet this 2020 of ours – she’s a surprising mistress, huh? But because this is still 2020, that snappy, gilded goodness can only be tracked down by folks willing to make the trek to one very specific parking lot belonging to a bookstore in the ‘burbs.

The stand’s crave-worthy sweet corn – aka possibly the original food-on-a-stick (it grows on its own handle, duh) – will be made available by the Corn Roast’s longtime partner, Untiedt’s Vegetable Farms, on August 30, between 11 a.m and 1 p.m...

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I was Black at Benilde, and it saved my life

I’ve been struggling for a whole week on whether or not I should post this. After a conversation with my mom today, and listening to her share experiences she had with people within the Benilde-St. Margaret’s community, that I wasn’t aware of, was confirmation for me that I need to speak up.

My prayer is that this post is seen as another perspective and shared experience and not as a retort, insensitivity or discounting the experiences of others. I am posting this out of my own conviction. Not because anyone asked me to.

With that said, I am a Black alum and former administrator at Benilde-St. Margaret’s School. I attended BSM from 1999-2003, and I was the assistant principal at BSM from 2016-18...

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