After pop-up success, B.A.D Wingz finds a permanent home in Northeast

Readers may remember City Pages gushing back in March about a chicken wing pop-up hosted by Soul Bowl’s dynamic duo, Gerard and Brittney Klass. For bird lovers, their B.A.D Wingz experiment had it all: the sort of variety, hospitality, and energy that wingnuts felt were sorely lacking in this village. 

The only drawback? That initial B.A.D Wingz series was gone before fans could get seconds. (Thanks, ‘Rona.)

But all that springtime effort – and crossed fingers from the faithful hoping to catch another round – is about to come to fruition on September 8, when B.A.D Wingz welcomes guests to their permanent home inside of Glam Doll Donuts’ northeast Minneapolis shop. 

According to the Klasses in a statement, their path from pop-up residency to brick-and-mortar shop (in partnership with Glam Doll’s owners Teresa Fox and Arwyn Birch) “showcases the diversity and inclusion vital to the future of the Minneapolis restaurant scene.” To them, this partnership is emblematic of so many BIPOC chefs who “just need a chance to bring their concepts to life.”

A preview of the menu looks like B.A.D Wingz is set to offer every food diners could possibly want, but probably won’t make for themselves, and it’s all completely customizable: chicken and waffles, fried saucy cauliflower bites, vegan wings, sweet desserts (see again: Glam Doll), street corn, nachos dressed to the nines, and more.

The Wingz menu features four varieties (including two plant-based options, plus a fried chicken wing option for a little bit of Southern-style flair), a bevvy of house-made sauce and rub choices, plus a spicy wing challenge fit for only the bravest among us.

Given its strong focus on takeout and delivery, B.A.D Wingz was built with a digital presence to match, too. And if there’s anything eaters have learned since we last met B.A.D Wingz it’s this: Consuming sauced wings while operating a moving vehicle is doable, but not preferable. Still, if the wings are good enough… 

Surely with this in mind, B.A.D. Wingz expects to launch its app to streamline ordering, ensuring those wings make it to your kitchen table (or couch, if we’re being real) faster (and safer). 

B.A.D Wingz opens to guests Tuesday, September 8.
519 Central Ave. NE, Minneapolis

Left to right: Teresa Fox, Brittney Klass, Gerard Klass, and Arwyn Birch.

Left to right: Teresa Fox, Brittney Klass, Gerard Klass, and Arwyn Birch. Courtesy B.A.D Wingz

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