Bright UFO over Minnesota was flaming aliens, probably

But enough about the Trump campaign.


In news that is much more bigly, if true, numerous people from around the Twin Cities reported a fiery looking unidentified flying object which streaked across the sky, remaining visible for several minutes Monday evening.

“Anyone else see this flaming ball in the sky? (Not the sun),” asked a Reddit poster.

Some in the replies said they had, indeed, witnessed the same scene, while others took guesses at what the object might be: meteor, space debris falling back to Earth, satellite, sky lantern… none seemed conclusive.

Another observer took her evidence to Twitter and consulted a certain local meteorological man…

…whose professional analysis was as follows:

New Hope resident Aaron VanDanacker told Bring Me The News the UFO “had a long, wide fiery tail, that also got shorter and shorter” as it flew out of sight.

BMTN’s investigation seems to rule out the likelihood it was a plane, a meteor, or space station. VanDanacker, for his part, says he’d wondered if it was “a comet, a plane that had caught fire, or even a nuclear bomb.”

A nuclear bomb… in space? Maybe someday, if this president gets his way.

As Trump told his crowd in Mankato yesterday:

We will ensure American dominance in space and in military and pave the way to becoming the first nation to plant its flag on Mars. We’re working on that, we’re doing very well. By the way when I took over NASA, it was dead. It was gone, right? It was gone. There was nothing. There was grass growing on the runways… grass, through the crevices on the runway. It was terrible and now it’s the most vital space program anywhere in the world. Not only the jobs, but the importance of it and the psychology of it, and by the way, for military defense. And we created Space Force. Think of that, we created another one of many, many things. First time in 78 years. Last one was the Air Force, right? Space Force, that’s a big deal. By itself. If a president did that, they would have achieved something. We did that and we did hundreds of other things.


If the burning aliens who flew over Minnesota are reading this — and why would they not? — let City Pages be the first to say: welcome. We’re ready.

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