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Like you, Anthony Fauci wants mosquitoes dead

There is still a need for vigilance surrounding COVID-19, Fauci said in a Thursday interview with Bloomberg, particularly in the Midwest. If we gamboled without caution, went maskless, and hung out in crowds, it was entirely possible we could see a surge not unlike the outbreaks we saw after Memorial Day weekend.

It’s not exactly the tone President Donald Trump has been striking about the pandemic – whether it’s with his own words or by casually retweeting conspiracy-minded videos – which has caused some of the president’s supporters to accuse Fauci of leading a “conspiracy” with the Democrats “to perpetuate COVID deaths to hurt Trump.”

Fauci responded to those allegations in late July, saying he’s never really gotten into the whole Twitter thing, and he’s not trying to...

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Workers at Lawless and Stilheart distilleries just unionized

Eighteen workers at Lawless Distilling Co. and Stilheart Distillery & Cocktail Lounge picked Labor Day to announce that each of their workforces are now unionized. Kirsten Karnitz, who owns Stilheart in Minneapolis’ North Loop, and her husband Nate, who owns Lawless in the Seward neighborhood, agreed to recognize the actions, meaning their employees are now part of Unite Here Local 17, the Minneapolis-based hospitality union that represents around 6,000 workers. 

“Not having a say in your working conditions adds to the instability of working in America, especially during this pandemic; workers at Lawless and Stilheart want to have their voices heard in a way that makes these businesses better in which to work and serve customers,” says Unite Here organizer Geof Paquette, noting that a “o...

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Anyone missing a toe?

A resident had been doing some gardening in her back yard, and she’d found a severed toe.

“I think she was shocked,” Public Safety Director Paul Hoppe says.

They sent an officer over. Not a fun ride, Hoppe says, when you’re not sure what you’re going to encounter. It’s been a while since they’ve gotten any called about dismembered body parts, but 20 or so years ago, they wouldn’t be unheard of.

When the officer first got a load of this toe, he too was a little shocked. Then he picked it up, and that shock melted instantly into relief.

Damned thing was made of wood.

One couldn’t blame the res...

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Jimmy Jam’s outrageously ’90s mansion met the wrecking ball


That’s because the screamingly ’90s Lake Minnetonka mansion that once belonged to James “Jimmy Jam” Harris was reduced to rubble last week. Nobody wanted the 7-bedroom, 11-bathroom, 22,000-square-foot home the big-shot record producer built in 1991 for a rumored $10 million, the Star Tribune reports, but the 3.5-acre lot with 300 feet of shoreline proved tempting.   

“It was in dilapidated condition, and it was time for it to come down,” Realtor Scott Stabeck tells the Strib. “It’s the end of an era.”

Seemingly ripped from a ’90s R&B video, the house — which the Minneapolis-born Jam himself designed — was loaded with all the rich-guy amenities one could desire: a movie theater (seen below with time-capsule Kung Fu Panda poster), 12-stall garage, indoor/outdoor pools, g...

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New Wave vinyl, ‘Wicker Man,’ State Fair fun: Great things happening this weekend

American Pottery Festival at Northern Clay Center.

American Pottery Festival at Northern Clay Center. L-R: Steven Godfrey, Sam Chung


Virtual stuff to do:

American Pottery Festival 2020

Virtual celebration of ceramic artists from across the country, with online exhibitions, artist sales, and workshops, presented by Northern Clay Center. More info at Sept. 2-6. Free. 

Friday I’m In Love – A New Wave All Vinyl Dance Party

Virtual dance party featuring DJ Shane Kramer of Transmission Music spinning New Wave vinyl. Streaming live at RSVP and more info on Facebook. 9 p.m.-12 a.m. Sept. 4. Free. 

Rapture 2020

Dance party featuring music by DJ Justice. Streaming at www.twitchtv.rapturemn. 10 p.m. Sept. 4. Free. 

Scream It Off Screen: September Short Film Competition

The popular month...

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We are obsessed with buckwild Richfield trash musical [VIDEO]

The city called upon Scott Ramsay, a naturalist who works with the Wood Lake Nature Center, to make a quick, fun video encouraging the public to be courteous and pick up after themselves.

The result was… and we say this as people who describe things for a living… indescribable.

Meet Rudy Refuse, a man-sized, sentient pile of trash whose goal in life is to convince you to sin against nature, like some kind of greasy Lucifer. His head is an overturned milk jug. His nose is a juice can. He terrifies small children. He relishes the wanton destruction of wildlife.

He raps.

We fear, loathe, and respect this horrible trashman, who is made of unfettered id and fast food containers.

We highly recommend you watch all 15 minutes (!) of this phenomenally buckwild masterpiece, but for a quick tas...

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Republicans REALLY wanna flip Minnesota

Just a big old wtf from r/Minneapolis

That, or he was in that Star Wars movie you couldn’t get up the gumption to see. You know the one.

But it’s actually from the Republican Party of Minnesota, which is really hopeful that this year could be their year.

That might sound a little farfetched. A Democratic candidate has won in Minnesota 11 straight presidential elections in a row, the longest active streak in the nation. The last Republican to win absolutely anything in a statewide election was Tim Pawlenty, back in 2006.

Minnesota said “Mondale” when literally every other state in the nation said “Reagan.” For a while, there, the New York Times was trying to kick us out of the Midwest for being too progressive. Minnesota isn’t just blue – it’s weirdly blue.

But maybe n...

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Curran’s is unloading mugs, dishes, menus, and more this weekend

Urban density progress at the cost of outrageously affordable pie and community? Debatable! 

Here’s what’s certain: Curran’s is flinging its doors open one last time — for souvenirs, not food. The Curran family will be unloading coffee mugs, dishes, menus, photos, and more from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. this Saturday and Sunday, according to the restaurant’s Nextdoor page.

“We had so many requests to purchase Curran’s memorabilia that we decided this would be an easy way to accomplish this,” the post explains. 

Interested in a flood of heartfelt, weepy Curran’s remembrances to go with your mugs? Check out the comments on this farewell Facebook post from Monday. 

“We personally want to thank all of you, that we have had the privilege to meet through the years...

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The week in live and local music: Sept. 3-9


DJ Hampster Dance
Free online dance parties every night of the week, with a featured artist mix every Thursday and themed dance parties on Friday and Saturday. 
When and where: 7-9 p.m. on Twitch.

Thursday 9.3

Dan Wilson
A virtual live performances presented by the Star Tribune as part of its Stay-At-Home State Fair. Free.
When and where: Noon here.

The Cactus Blossoms
A virtual live performances presented by the Star Tribune as part of its Stay-At-Home State Fair. Free.
When and where: 3 p.m. here.

DJ Keezy
Performing as part of the Northrop’s Amplifying Solidarity series.
When and where: Noon. More info here.

John Swardson
Outdoor live music performance on the Loon’s patio. Masks and social distancing required.
When and where: 6 p.m. at the Loon Cafe.

The Relief Sessions: Steeling Dan

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County withdraws north Minneapolis homeless shelter plans after outcry

For years, the vacant Willard School and Gordon Center have been eyed as the site of an eventual youth development center. But as homeless encampments proliferated in Minneapolis parks this summer, several key votes were scheduled by school board, city, and county officials to redevelop the Gordon Center as a Salvation Army shelter for women without children.

Opponents of the project argued there are already three homeless shelters within one mile of the Gordon Center, and that Willard Park’s playground next door is one of the only places in the neighborhood where young kids can go.

The violence prevention outreach team A Mother’s Love also canvassed residential streets surrounding the Gordon Center, asking if people were informed of plans to open a homeless shelter there...

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