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Steelworkers rebuke Iron Range mayors backing Trump

The mayors called Democratic nominee Joe Biden “out of touch” in an open letter timed to coincide with Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Duluth on Friday.

“Today, we don’t recognize the Democratic Party,” the mayors wrote. “It has been moved so far to the left it can no longer claim to be advocates of the working class,” adding that “radical Democrats” had “abandoned” the hard-working families in towns like theirs.

Eveleth’s Robert Vlaisavljevich even got a speaking spot at the Republican National Convention. 

“Since the Iron Range economy is vulnerable to economic trends, and to foreign trade, we have always needed a strong voice in Washington,” Vlaisavljevich said...

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Drunk, naked lady kicked out of Boundary Waters for some reason

According to the Duluth News Tribune, the U.S. Forest Service, a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources conservation officer, and the Lake County Sheriff’s department responded to reports of a drunken naked lady hanging out just northeast of Ely.

They boated into the lake and found her around 6 p.m. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office didn’t respond to interview requests, but an incident report said she had either already consumed some edibles or planned to. Clearly, she’d had had her own ideas about where the evening was headed, and this wasn’t it.

She was issued a citation by the Forest Service and escorted back to a boat landing just outside the Boundary Waters. Forest Service officials refused to tell the News Tribune anything more about it.

She wouldn’t have been the first per...

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Surly’s laying off 100+ unionizing employees, closing beer hall ‘indefinitely’

This would be a gut punch even in ordinary circumstances, but since these same workers had informed management of their intentions to unionize barely 48 hours prior, organizer Sheigh Freeberg of Unite Here Local 17 interprets the large-scale layoff as malevolent. 

“Surly sent out a WARN notice letting employees know they will be laid off November 2,” he said. “This is a clearly illegal and disgusting action from the employer retaliating against them for exercising their rights to form a union.”

The organizer estimated on Monday that 110 workers had joined the push for unionizing at Surly. “As far as I’m aware, all hospitality front of house and back of house is laid off. A supermajority of them signed union cards.” 

Shortly after the layoff notices were distributed, Surly announc...

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My abusive, cheating, E.D.-lying husband won’t let me have an open relationship

He’s had relationships with other women but always swore it was just online. Then, a few years back, I got into an online relationship with someone online. I never actually met this person, just as my husband claimed he’d never met the women he was talking to online. I had opened up to this person about our troubles and I talked about my husband’s anger issues and some other private things. This person encouraged me to have an affair but I kept putting him off. Finally, I told him I did it, I had an affair, it was great, etc. It wasn’t true but it seemed like that’s what he wanted to hear. About thirty minutes after I told him I got a call from my husband! This person had sent it all to him! All of our conversations, everything, every detail...

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Kirk Cousins suggests COVID-19 masks are stupid: ‘If I die, I die’

And now, in these times of mass COVID-19 casualties, Cousins is again demonstrating he does not fear the crypt. 

In a just-released interview on Kyle Brandt’s 10 Questions podcast, the 32-year-old QB was asked about what happens if someone sneezes in the huddle. Within the Vikings organization, Cousins said, there’s a spectrum of coronavirus concern — those who “couldn’t care less” about the virus and those who are “consumed with fear about it.”

Brandt wondered where Cousins fell on that spectrum, asking, “On a spectrum of 1 — masks are stupid and you’re all a bunch of lemmings — and 10 is I’m not leaving my master bedroom for 10 years, where do you land?” 

“I’m not going to call anybody stupid for the trouble it could get me in, but I’m about a 0...

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Ben Shapiro loses in free speech lawsuit against U of M

Shapiro brought his act to the University of Minnesota back in 2018, and played to his (overwhelmingly white and male) audience’s victimhood. Because a couple dozen protesters showed up, Shapiro said, “There are a hundred police officers that were necessary to protect you guys and to protect me so that I can say conservative things.”

Shapiro’s claims of persecution were just getting started. Afterward, he joined the student group that invited him – Students for a Conservative Voice – in suing the university, claiming they’d stuffed the event into a too-small, too-distant venue in an attempt to “prohibit, chill, oppose, and shut down speech with which they, or other students and faculty, disagree.”

The venue in question was the North Star Ballroom on the St...

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Constructive summer: Grassroots giving in a time of need

In the unrest that followed Floyd’s death, Minneapolis and St. Paul sprung into action. There were food drives, clothing drives, diaper drives. GoFundMe pages went live in the morning and raised $10,000 or more by afternoon.

“The self-perception of Minnesotans being very giving in times of crisis is a real thing,” the team behind the Twin Cities Mutual Aid Map tells City Pages. They made the map ( to connect those well-intentioned shoppers with donation sites and volunteer locations, and during the early days of upheaval, organizers saw roughly 1,100 hits per hour.

The thing is, “Interest dwindles when the need is not perceived as sufficiently dire.” And nearly three months after the cities first burned, interest has undoubtedly dwindled...

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Minneapolis police coins commemorate ‘Riot 2020’ and… Baby Yoda

That said, there are a few wrong ways.

And boy is this one of them.

This commemorative coin features a photo of officers, the slogans “A family of one” and “MPD Strong,” as well as the hashtag “#MplsRiot2020.”

Another photo of a coin featured the slogan “5th Precinct Dogwatch” (a term for the overnight policing shift) and “Hold the Line,” as well as, we shit you not, a cartoon of Baby Yoda wearing riot gear.

Commenters on the thread were not exactly impressed.

“I suppose ‘That Time W...

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Why not read these 5 books about music from 2020?

Look closely and you’ll see that most of these books originated with university presses. But none are written for an exclusively academic audience—they’re either the work of journalists or critics, or of academics who’ve already written plenty for a broader readership.

Sasha Geffen – Glitter Up the Dark: How Pop Music Broke the Binary (University of Texas Press)

Geffen (Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, NPR) sorts through more than a half-century of pop history, from the Beatles’ shaggy-haired “woo”s through the more explicitly genderfluid electronic music of today, uncovering how performers—some world famous, some creating within smaller scenes—have consistently upended gender conventions.

Grace Elizabeth Hale – Cool Town: How Athens, Georgia, Launched Alternative Mu...

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Stick a fork in it, Butcher & the Boar is done.

As a challenge, try to think back to a time when rumors about Minneapolis’s meat-and-bourbon establishment on the edge of downtown being dunzo weren’t swirling. Heck, there’s was even a baby-sprawl of a Reddit thread started six months ago with the purpose of speculating about how the place’s (erstwhile) appearance on the Minnesota’s tax delinquency lists might impact its operations…

During its early 20-teens glory days, Jack Riebel, Tim Rooney, and Doug van Winkel opened its doors to massive praise. Its forte was an ability to serve a menu of big, manly meats and bold bourbons to a downtown audience, effectively bridging the gap between Midwestern sensibilities and upscale polish...

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