Do these guys look like the Replacements to you?

Director Josh Boone is having a moment. His long-delayed New Mutants (a movie that misspells the name of its characters’ creator in the credits) has earned a 33% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes—and that’s from critics who’ve been waiting to see a movie in a theater again for six months.

Boone’s next project seems custom-designed to annoy anyone interested in seeing it. It’s the story of the Replacements, and it’s based on Bob Mehr’s thorough and truly great bio of the Minneapolis band, Trouble Boys. (That’s M-E-H-R, Josh.)

Here’s what Boone had to say about the movie to Games Radar.

So Nat Wolff is going to play Paul Westerberg. Nat’s been in just about everything I’ve done. He was in The Stand. He starred in my first movie. He was in The Fault in Our Stars. He’s one of the best actors on the planet. Owen Teague, who is in The Stand, is going to play Tommy Stinson in it – really in the second half of it, because in the first half, Tommy Stinson is like a 12-year-old.

“We’ve got all the scripts done for that, so I’m literally casting that right now,” adds Boone. “I’m going to go make that.”

Now scroll back up and take a look at Wolff and Teague. Muss their hair up a little. Could they play Paul and Tommy? The internet thinks not. A Stereogum tweet sharing the casting news was met with at least three variations on “we didn’t ask for this,” and the responses just got nastier from there.

Also: music biopics are typically bad and often terrible.

Still, while Boone’s name is an easy punchline right now, he did handle the adaptation of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars credibly, for what it’s worth. It would somehow be a grotesquely fitting postscript for the Mats, whose career was one of missed cues and wrong turns, to be commemorated with a film that’s merely mediocre, not even truly awful.

So now the only question is: Which Hemsworth should play Bob Stinson?

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