Does anyone remember this ’70s soft-rock hit that MyPillow huckster Mike Lindell mentioned at the RNC?

Since the RNC is theoretically “news,” though, we did poke through some clips of the GOP’s Nuremberg infomercial in search of any relevant Minnesota mentions to pass on. And let me tell you, unless somehow before the November election you require more information about a guy who’s been a certified jizzrag for the four decades he’s spent in the public eye—or are just a connoisseur of fascist spectacle, I guess—you were wise to explore whatever other viewing options available to you.

The most notable thing about the RNC, in fact, is that the whole affair is almost certainly in flagrant violation of federal law, which you’d think would be a bigger story than “President’s wife manages to say sort of nice things about him.”

Anyway, while scanning the vids, we ran across Eveleth mayor Bob Vlaisavljevich, a pol that news sources continue to refer to as a Democrat even though he’s left the party and as a bellwether of how the Iron Range has shifted in the past four years even though he supported Trump in 2016.

Then we got to the roll call, where state delegates officially nominated their man for re-election. And up jumped the chair of the Minnesota delegate, Mike Lindell, the MyPillow CEO who’s latched on to Trump’s coattails in apparent hopes of eventually launching a political career of his own.

Like most nouveau Trumpists, Lindell is a transparent opportunist who exists solely to draw attention to himself. (I know, I know, we’re not helping.) Like many right-wing scammers, Lindell has opinions about how to treat COVID-19. After first preaching that the solution for COVID-19 was prayer, Lindell has recently been converted to belief in the efficacy of oleandrin, an untested supplement in which he coincidentally has a large financial stake. As con men go, he’s not even particularly entertaining. I’d much rather watch the seemingly terrified man from Ohio who cast his state’s votes for “Donald John President.”

But anyway, Lindell did yap a bunch about how bad he thinks Democrats are. “Democrats are bad” is the closest thing to a platform the GOP has to run on this year, since actual policies like “divert public funds to our favorite corporate supporters” and, well, “pray away infectious disease” are less than popular with voters.

Lindell indicated that Minnesota as a state has suffered from Democratic rule: “Minnesota has been blue since 1972, this actually in Minnesota made us feel like the song ‘Bluer Than Blue’—very sad.”

Hm, “Bluer Than Blue.”

Sure sounds like a song title. And yet I, a person who knows a lot of songs, didn’t know it.

But it was a No. 1 Adult Contemporary hit in 1978 for Michael Johnson.

Not really my thing, though that’s beside the point. I would’ve been eight when this was on the radio, and at the mercy of my parents’ listening habits, but I don’t remember it at all. I’m curious how many people my age or, especially, older do recall it. 

Anyway, there’s even a local angle: Johnson moved to Minnesota from Colorado in 1969, and he lived here when he released his biggest hit. Though he subsequently relocated to Nashville, Johnson returned in 2009 and lived here till his death in 2017. Jon Bream’s obit in the Star Tribune offers a nice overview of Johnson’s career.

So I’m going to say something I never thought I would: Thank you, Mike Lindell. I learned a little something from you this week. Well, I had to do all the research myself, but I’m feeling gracious, so thanks.

Now please go away.

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