Ex-wife gets restraining order against MN GOP spokesperson Jack Tomczak

His name is Jack Tomczak. You may remember him from the annals of angry white guy radio, before he departed abruptly from KTLK’s “Up and at ‘Em” morning show in 2016. His cohost, Andrew Lee, apologized to their audience but remained mum about the reason. 

After that, Tomczak was a co-host on the Up and At ‘Em podcast, then spent a couple years as a field director with Americans for Prosperity, the Koch famliy-backed political advocacy outfit.

Tomczak also previously worked for current GOP U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer’s failed 2010 bid for governor, and for ex-GOP U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, whom he later criticized for being “erratic” and “irrational.”

Or maybe you saw Tomczak in his new role earlier this summer, when he got to explain to CNN why the Wabasha County Republicans Facebook page posted a meme comparing the state’s mask mandate to the Holocaust, then lied about it.

Just a few weeks before Tomczak landed his GOP job, a Hennepin County judge granted a temporary restraining order against him on behalf of his ex-wife, Careen Martin, ruling there were “reasonable grounds to believe” he’d harassed her. According to the Minnesota Reformer, she submitted the said papers on June 21.

In her petition, Martin says she left Tomczak in the spring of 2018, sent their children to her brother’s house, and started staying in hotels. She claims Tomczak managed to find her through her credit card history and used it to track her movements.

Martin writes that, at a marriage counseling meeting soon after she’d left Tomczak, he used a key to her car to look for a hard drive. She also alleges later that summer Tomczak “put a tracking device on [her] car,” something he “admitted in front of our marriage counselor,” according to the petition. She says Tomczak was “embarrassed that he got caught,” and wanted the tracking device back.

“I am now constantly paranoid that there is a tracking device on my car and I frequently search my car for tracking devices,” Martin writes.

Martin also says Tomczak used to “joke” that if she ever left him, it would end up as a “murder-suicide,” according to court documents.

In one section of the petition, Martin writes:

Mr. Tomczak is in possession of my personal journals, notebooks, or diaries that I kept throughout our marriage, containing my most personal thoughts and ideas. He kept them after the divorce and will not return them. He goes through these and reads them, then sends me screen shots of certain pages to make fun of me, shame me, or just to be mean. I fear that he has will try to share these with others, if he has not already done so.

Martin also says Tomczak sent her a text message in January saying, “That was always a good color on you. I’m not stalking you I just happened to be driving by while you shoveled.” In her petition, she calls his text a “strange and inappropriate message.”

Tomczak disputed allegations in his ex-wife’s petition at an August 14 hearing. Three days later, he staffed President Donald Trump’s Mankato speech.

He declined to comment on the record.

An evidentiary hearing is scheduled for mid-October. In the meantime, Tomczak is not allowed to come within two blocks of Martin’s home in Plymouth or have contact with her, unless it’s to discuss their children via text.

Aside from his party appointment, Jack Tomczak recently launched his own self-titled podcast, most recently sitting down with fellow angry white guy “radio legend” Jason Lewis. You can also find him on Twitter, where he retweets Lewis a lot, and calls Iowan schoolteachers concerned they will catch coronavirus and die if school reopens “Drama queens.”


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