How exactly do you pronounce Hurricane Isaias?

It’s the storm on the minds of everyone along the East Coast. Having strengthened over the Atlantic since its early days as a tropical storm, Hurricane Isaias has the attention of those who know the havoc hurricanes can wreak.

But while you may know what it is — and may be tracking its path as it skirts toward Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas — you may not know how to pronounce Hurricane Isaias. For a lot of people, it doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily as some of the most famous and dreadful weather systems.

The National Weather Service, thankfully, recognizes the trouble many are having. So there’s this video to make you the Hurricane Isaias.

The next storm name in the Atlantic Hurricane Season will be… #Isaias (pronounced [ess-ah-EE-ahs]. Here is a short video of how to properly pronounce it. #Spanish

— NWS Melbourne (@NWSMelbourne) July 27, 2020

So as you’re checking for updates on whether you’re under a hurricane warning, hurricane watch, or planning to shelter in place or evacuate, you can call the storm looming by its name.

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