Kirk Cousins suggests COVID-19 masks are stupid: ‘If I die, I die’

And now, in these times of mass COVID-19 casualties, Cousins is again demonstrating he does not fear the crypt. 

In a just-released interview on Kyle Brandt’s 10 Questions podcast, the 32-year-old QB was asked about what happens if someone sneezes in the huddle. Within the Vikings organization, Cousins said, there’s a spectrum of coronavirus concern — those who “couldn’t care less” about the virus and those who are “consumed with fear about it.”

Brandt wondered where Cousins fell on that spectrum, asking, “On a spectrum of 1 — masks are stupid and you’re all a bunch of lemmings — and 10 is I’m not leaving my master bedroom for 10 years, where do you land?” 

“I’m not going to call anybody stupid for the trouble it could get me in, but I’m about a 0.0001,” Cousins replied, which, if we’re going purely by numbers, means he’s suggesting masks are stupid and those who wear them are a bunch of lemmings. 

Kirk continued: 

“I’m going to let nature do its course. Uh, survival of the fittest kind of approach and just say if it knocks me out, it knocks me out. I’m going to be OK. Even if I die, I die.”

To be fair: Cousins did conclude the coronavirus convo by saying wearing a mask is about being respectful to others, not a reflection of his personal beliefs. But, as our very dumb country makes mask wearing a central battle in the very dumb culture war, celebrities expressing doubts about wearing them could make our very dumb COVID-19 response even deadlier. 

The NFL will kick off its pandemic season on Sept. 10, thus beginning an experiment where massive, sweaty men will huff and spit on one another for 17 terrifying weeks. The Vikes start their 2020 adventure on Sept. 13 at home against the arch-rival Green Bay Packers, whose quarterback believes in UFOs.

Here’s that full Cousins interview on 10 Questions:  

Correction: A previous version of this blog post used the headline “Kirk Cousins says COVID-19 masks are stupid: ‘If I die, I die,'” yet Cousins only suggested as much with his numerical answer. City Pages regrets the error.

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