Minneapolis intersections are strangely beautiful

In 2014, the Hawaii-based artist set out on a one-year, 11,000-mile bicycle trip that looped west from Boston and back. Soon after, he began committing his urban bike adventures to memory via artful maps of intersections, the first of which, Seattle’s, grabbed headlines and spurred requests.

This past weekend Minneapolis became the 53rd entry in Gorman’s “Intersections” series. The piece showcases the sneaky geographic beauty of our traffic grid, featuring appearances from Lake Street, Broadway Avenue, Stinson Parkway, and several other major roadways. 

Take a look:

“For each city, I start with the intersections I remember,” says Gorman, who spent a weekend couchsurfing in Minneapolis during his cross-country bike tour. “Then I do some research to find out which ones are the most notorious; then I finish by looking at a map and looking for the shapes that look interesting.”

Locals have taken notice. Over on the r/Minneapolis subreddit, Gorman’s Minneapolis map has attracted almost 2,000 up-votes. Reddit user reactions seem split between praising the minimalist aesthetic and griping about the particularly perilous intersection inclusions, which happens to be the artist’s intent. 

“Feedback has been really great,” Gorman says. “It’s fun to share the images and see what people see in the shapes, and hear their personal experiences at the intersections.”

You can purchase a print of Gorman’s Minneapolis design for $27 at his Etsy shop. You can view Minneapolis’s most dangerous IRL intersections here. 


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