Replay: Gov. Ron DeSantis holds press conference regarding Hurricane Isaias

Governor Ron DeSantis’ press conference at the State Emergency Operations Center regarding Hurricane Isaias on Friday, July 31st.

If you are unable to view the video above or the link is currently unavailable, offers free livestreams of Gov. DeSantis’ press conferences. Click the link above.

Isaias graduated to a hurricane late Thursday and is now expected to gain Category 2 power with maximum sustained winds of 100 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center.

It’s highest wind speeds are supposed to be over the central and northwestern Bahamas early Saturday with 100 mph maximum sustained wind speeds, but the center of Isaias’ track will be off the coast of Miami Saturday afternoon with 90 mph winds and 115 mph gusts.

The east coast of Florida is in the forecast path of the large hurricane and some models show the eye coming ashore or brushing the coast, according to the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network.

Click here to track the storm.

Residents near Florida’s #Atlantic Coast: There is still a plausible scenario where the eye of Hurricane #Isaias comes ashore or brushes coast. At least one of the more “reliable” forecast models suggests this. Stay vigilant! #flwx

— Florida Storms (@FloridaStorms) July 31, 2020

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