Republicans are campaigning all over Minnesota without masks. What could go wrong?

This is fine.

Below, see events this past week featuring U.S. Senate candidate (and coronavirus skeptic) Jason Lewis , congressional candidates Michelle Fischbach and Tyler Kistner, GOP U.S. Rep. Pete Stauber, Republican Party of Minnesota chair Jennifer Carnahan, and Katrina Pierson, a senior political adviser to President Donald Trump.

As you scroll through these videos and pictures, look for the people wearing masks. It’s like finding Waldo. (Bonus points for the ones who have masks around their neck.)

Let’s see… Duluth, Rochester, St. Cloud, St. Paul, Hutchinson, Wayzata, Bemidji, Eagan, Anoka, Mankato, Morris, Marhsall, Little Falls — that’s a pretty good cross-section of the state, all in a matter of days, with a small number of people doing their damndest to hit multiple towns, one right after the other.

And don’t expect them to stop. If anything, as summer turns to fall and the election nears, they’ll just have all their events indoors. Without masks. Yelling.

Forget reopening schools or super-spreading events like that rodeo. If this small group of Republicans tries hard enough, we believe they can take whatever it is Minnesotans are breathing out and spread it from town-to-town all on their own.

Know what, though? We cannot argue with Katrina Pierson. That really is some flag. Is life worth living if you can’t go stand next to it?