Sarasota-Bradenton airport installs contactless temperature checks

Three non-contact thermal temperature screening kiosks have been installed throughout Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport.

Travelers who want to double-check that they’re healthy enough to board a plane now have the option of having their temperatures taken at Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport without coming close to another person.

The airport said Wednesday that it has installed three non-contact thermal temperature screening kiosks at different spots in the terminal. There’s one in the ticket wing near the ascending escalator, one near the checkpoint screening area on the second floor and one that all airport authority employees are required to use before they start their shifts.

The technology, distributed across the world by BeMotion Inc. of Toronto, is developed from military-grade thermal sensing cameras and has been deployed for several years across Asian and European airports, according to Sarasota-Bradenton.

It scans and detects individuals with a body temperature that’s 100.4 degrees or more, which is the current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guideline for an indicator of potential coronavirus infection.

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Airport employees are required to check their temperatures before work, but passenger temperature screening is voluntary, airport president and CEO Rick Piccolo said.

“The daily temperature screening of our employees is another layer of safety protection for our passengers. The voluntary temperature kiosk for passengers provides an added self-screening service to the traveling public,” he said.

The airport plans to keep other safety measures in place, including increased cleaning, mandatory employee face masks, Plexiglass shields and social distancing markers.

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